The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is as much a story of evolution as it is one of invention.
— Nick Bostrom


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Here are some Live AI models that I've hosted!

Background remover

Computer Vision

  • The application removes the background
  • Used s.a.m meta model api
  • Used Streamlit for user-interaction
  • Just click that part which you need to keep
  • And the click to remove background button
  • Hosted using modelbit
  • s.a.m official Github
Try now

Face Swaper

Computer Vision


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Empower your projects with my expertise, let's achieve greatness together!

I craft extraordinary projects using cutting-edge technologies to bring innovative products and services to life. My expertise lies in CoreML and Deep Learning. I enjoy creating Deep Learning models to tackle real-time challenges. While I specialize in both Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), I have a particular fondness for CV. I recently developed a face swap model using SAM (Sentiment Anything Model) among other projects. These are just a few highlights; for a comprehensive overview, please explore my Portfolio.

Deep Learning

Have build custom Deep Learning model for real time object detection from scratch using tensorflow only. Also built a 3-D Game with my custom 3-D hand tracker using Mediapipe for real time 3-D hand tracking.


I've won 3 bronze medals on Kaggle till now for my data analysis skills and secured 3rd place in the mtX HACKATHON competition. I have hosted 3 of my projects on Azure. Also have used Docker and Kubernetes for MLOPS. Although I am still learning and exploring more about it.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Python, C++, C
Frameworks: Tensorflow, Keras, OpenCV, Mediapipe, Flask, Streamlit, Node.js, React.js
Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Unity, Canva

Hosting Skills

Frontend: HTML CSS & Js
Backend: Flask
Databases: MongoDb & SQL
MLOPS: Pipelines & Docker
Cloud: Azure & AWS
Version Control: Git & Github
Extra Skills: Freelancer & VideoEditor